We are the conduit for and protector of 

this extraordinary life force.


About Us

Rising Springs SPC (Social Purpose Corporation) is a small family-owned business founded in 2015. The family has deep Idaho roots, a long history of water conservation, and stewards the Rising Springs source and surrounding land. We are a close-knit team whose sole purpose is to protect and responsibly share Rising Springs in its most pure form. We are honored to be the conduit that brings it to your door.


Respect for the environment, our customers and employees guides us to operate out of transparency and with integrity. We strive to imbue our work with these values, and hope to pass them on to our families so they can steward the springs for generations to come. We hope you will come visit us at the spring source near Pine, Idaho!


Our hand-hewn stone source house next to our straw-bale packaging plant in the Sawtooth National Forest near Pine, Idaho.

Rising Springs Team | Grey Hecht
Rising Springs Team | Nicoya Hecht
Rising Springs Team | Sharon Egan (and Ipo)
Rising Springs Team | Alex Beavers
Rising Springs Team | Rick Franklin
Rising Springs Team | Chris Cleave and Lena Baisden