The spring source is located within the beautiful unspoiled wilderness of the Sawtooth National Forest, in south central Idaho, in between the tiny towns of Pine and Featherville. The water rises up into our source house which is made of hand-hewn Idaho stone and timbers, and is just steps from our straw- bale plant.

The springs were analyzed and tested by geologists using carbon-14 analysis to determine the age, and a standard geological calculation called a geothermal gradient to understand the depth.

  1. Rising Springs great depth and age indicate that the source water was part of the Earth’s hydrological cycle when the planetary environment was still pristine.
  2. The source water has been tested by an independent laboratory to be pure to parts per quadrillion.
  3. The water is protected by both the dense granite of the massive Idaho Batholith ("deep rock" in Greek), and the powerful outward pressure of the water as it rises from 2.2 miles deep to the surface. Decades of testing confirm the elemental composition of the source remains consistent from season to season and year to year, indicating it remains protected from any groundwater or other outside influence. Rising Springs is tested regularly.
  4. Rising Springs protects the integrity of the spring by only using what naturally flows from the source.

No. Rising Springs source is a free-flowing, constant-pressure spring. It flows up from 2.2 miles deep under its own tremendous pressure. It is captured in a hermetically-sealed basin as it flows from the ground and is gravity-fed through stainless steel pipes to our packaging plant (about 10 feet away).

It means that Rising Springs is not shipped from the source to another location to be packaged. Rising Springs follows the ‘at source’ packaging standards that the European Community (EC) mandates for microbiologically wholesome spring waters. Because of Rising Springs inherent natural purity, we have also adopted the EC guidelines for leaving the water ‘whole’ (not processing it in any way).

In the United States, a spring water that is microbiologically wholesome (pure, vital, live) and has efficacious minerals can be labeled as a Natural Mineral Supplement (NMS) under the FDA’s Dietary Health and Supplement Act (DSHEA). As an NMS, we leave the water in its live, whole state – packaging it without treatment of any kind. It’s rare to be able to get unprocessed, natural or wild water, because US bottled waters are required to be disinfected. Rising Springs is not a bottled water. Rising Springs first product, our Natural Mineral Supplement (NMS), has biologically efficacious levels of natural fluoride and silica. Based on the current body of research available for fluoride, we have suggestions for use on our box as follows:

  • Adults and children over 11: Drink 8 oz. up to 3 times daily.
  • Pregnant and lactating women and children under 11: Consult your healthcare provider about your fluoride intake.

Per 8 oz. serving, Rising Springs NMS contains .8 mg natural fluoride (beneficial for maintaining healthy teeth and gums*), 18.75 mg natural silica (promotes healthy collagen, bones and cartilage*) and 21.8 mg bicarbonate/carbonate which can be soothing to the digestive system*.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Yes, the main electrolytes are bicarbonate/carbonate and sodium. There are also very low levels of the electrolytes chloride, calcium and potassium.

The water has a naturally-high alkalinity and a pH of 9.4

The redox potential, as measured by a lab grade redox meter, of both water just captured at the source and in the packaged NMS over time, remains a significant negative charge of -150 to -144 mV.

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids/Minerality) 190 (low minerality)
Alkalinity High – pH 9.4
Reduction Oxydation Potential (Redox) -155 to -140 mV
Bicarbonate/Carbonate 87 mg/L
Calcium 1.2 mg/L
Chloride 2.2 mg/L
Fluoride 3.8 mg/L
Potassium 1.1 mg/L
Silica 72 mg/L
Sodium 51 mg/L

Rising Springs is a geothermal spring source, emerging at 138 degrees F.

Crystals under pressure emit a piezoelectric energy charge, and Rising Springs flows up through quartz-lined fissures under tremendous pressure. It is our belief that Rising Springs retains a subtle quartz crystal energy in its structure.

Yes! We love when people journey to see where their water comes from. Please send an email to deeplypure@risingspringssource.com for details about visiting.

Yes. Trinity Springs Ltd. used to bottle from this source under the brand Trinity.

The kraft box is 100% recyclable.

Our bag-in-box packaging has one of the lowest carbon footprints. One Rising Springs multi-use box can fill a reusable water bottle many times over.

While a lot of consumer packaging is made from material that is recyclable in theory, residential recycling programs do not have the infrastructure to support it.

Our team was thrilled to partner with a local company in Portland that would allow our bags and spouts to be recycled. Materials are collected in bulk to be recycled and reused in the agriculture, construction, and horticulture industries.

Unfortunately, the global market has shifted, and the demand for buying and selling this material has decreased. Recycling is a for-profit industry after all.

We are ready to turn our recycling program on should the market change, and are actively seeking the most eco-conscious package we can find. We believe with more education and persistence, consumers and conscious companies can help drive change toward widespread recycling of #7 plastics.

Orders are generally fulfilled within one to two business days, and then ship via FedEx Ground.

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