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Spring water, 16,000 years in the making

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What The Experts Have To Say

"Regular supplementation with a mineralized, pure and unprocessed water from a trusted spring helps nourish our cells – and is the perfect counterbalance to the denatured water from our filtered systems."

Dr. Kristi Wrightson-Harter, ND, MS, RD
"I am beyond thankful this pristine sourcing is possible. Read the specifics on the website about the extent of this water’s “clean” status and prepare to be impressed. Thank you for making this available, and thank you for the highly conscientious eco-packaging you’ve developed."

Dr Amron Bevels-Wilson, MD
"It’s not your typical bottle of water that you might be seeing in the grocery store. This is something that I really think has a lot of passion to it."

Martin Riese, Water Sommelier