The best tasting water that doubles as a silica supplement? I love it!

Alyssa G.

Product, packaging, delivery, communication, recycling effort -- all 5 stars. Thank you!

Bobby T.

I have been drinking water from this source since the early 90's. Nothing compares.

Taylor F.

Rising Springs 2-Pack


Rising Springs 2-Pack

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Given that our bodies are 70% water, we believe there is intrinsic value in unprocessed, naturally vibrant water. We package at the source, without treatment, to retain the water’s structure, vitality, nutrients, and magic. Drink 3 cups a day and experience the difference. Each box contains 21 single servings, that's enough for an entire week! See below for how much to order. 

Our natural mineral supplement is:

  • 100% flawlessly pure water straight from the mountain source, with zero contaminants of any kind 
  • Naturally alkaline (9.4 pH)
  • Silica-rich 
  • Essential daily nourishment for healthy cells

The best option is to purchase a year subscription.  You ensure that you are doing right by your body, and you get 10% off per shipment! 

What are the membership options? 


  • Month-to-Month memberships may be canceled at any time.
  • Guaranteed renewal if you want it.
  • Paid monthly with credit card on file.

12 Month (non-refundable). SAVE 10% EVERY MONTH.

  • Save 10%  by purchasing a twelve month membership.
  • Guaranteed renewal if you want it.
  • Paid monthly with credit card on file.
  • Do your body right with ensured delivery!

How much should I order? 

Rising Springs NMS is one of the rarest natural and pure supplements you can put in your body and is meant to complement your hydration. There are suggestions for use based on the mineral content, and we offer the following recommendations for supplementing with this life force from deep within the Earth.*

Solo and sharing with guests: Get one or two 2-Packs per month

Two-person household: Get three or four 2-Packs per month

Increase one to two 2-Packs per month for every person over 11 years of age in your household

For children under 11 and for pregnant and nursing women, please consult your healthcare practitioner about your mineral intake.


Our durable and eco-conscious bag-in-a-box packaging eliminates single-serve plastic. The box also works perfectly for backyard gatherings, camping or the beach (freeze it beforehand!). On your desk or on the kitchen counter, the cool package with easy-pour spout lets you fill up your reusable container, so you can take Rising Springs on the go, and get your 3 cups a day.


After we solved the ‘no single-serve plastic’ we tackled cradle-to-cradle - Rising Springs upcycles! When you’ve finished your box of Rising Spring, we can collect the empty bags and spouts to upcycle into raw 3D printing material. The 3D filament can be used to make everything from thumb drives to prosthetics, and we plan on donating our 3D printing material to schools and research programs.