Holiday Bundle - (2) 2-Packs + 22oz Earthwell® Bottle

Holiday Bundle - (2) 2-Packs + 22oz Earthwell® Bottle

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Spread the love this holiday season by giving the gift of Rising Springs! Our Holiday Bundle includes (2) 2-Packs (20 liters of Rising Springs) and your choice of a 22oz Earthwell® Bottle. Place your gift order today and we'll take care of the rest:

  • 100% flawlessly pure water straight from the mountain source, with zero contaminants of any kind. 
  • Delivery direct to the door of your loved one.
  • A gift-wrapped water bottle with a hand-written card on your behalf.

Our natural mineral supplement is:

  • Naturally alkaline (9.4 pH)
  • Silica-rich 
  • Essential daily nourishment for healthy cells  
Western USA: $5.00 USD
Eastern USA: $18.00 USD